product testers

Are you bored with life? Do you just get up, do your regular job, and then go back to bed, and repeat this cycle every day? It is time you develop an exciting hobby like being a product tester. Product testing is so much different from the usual hobbies like collecting stamps or jigsaws. Not only will it keep you engaged, but you can also enjoy this hobby during all weather conditions, and it requires you to have no special skills or knowledge.

What Is The Task Of A Product Tester?

To be a product tester you need to sign up with various companies that offer product testing opportunities, use their
products or services, and then provide them with a feedback on how their product worked or did not work for you. You will be offered the tester that you need to try, and you will be paid for the time you spend on reviewing the
product. It certainly is a great idea to be a product tester. You can select the product you want to review and then perform your task right from the comfort of your home. This hobby is great fun and will not even tire you like
various other hobbies.

What Products Can You Get To Test?

There are many items that you can test like toasters, shoes, clothes, speakers, almost everything that a company makes, you can get to try. If a company wants the public to test their products and get their feedback, then you can get to review such products and be paid for the same. Do you like collecting stamps? Then you can use our glue stick, give your reviews, and get paid, while you keep your stamp book well organized. There is a huge list of products that you can try in your spare time.

Is Product Testing Just A Hobby Or Is It More Like A Job?

When you choose to be a product tester you have the liberty to decide which products you would want to test, and there is no compulsion that you must try all the products of a certain company. You can review just a few products, or review all of them, the decision is yours. There is no pressure on you, you can just review those products that grab your attention, and then return back to your normal life. Is this not interesting? You get to try different products, and in the process get to learn new things.

Large brands in the UK offer their products for testing because they need to know what the consumers think about their products before they send them to stores. In case a product does not do well, the company can save both money and time, and might even work on the product to make it better.

How Does Product Testing Work And How Can You Become A Tester?

To begin with, you first need to sign up with those companies that offer their products for testing. After your request has been accepted, the company will send you emails with surveys that you need to fill out so that the company can understand if you are suitable to test their upcoming products. Once you send the completed survey, you will be informed if you have qualified or no. They generally select people depending on their gender, age, location and income

Once you are qualified to test, you will be sent a product that you need to try in week or two. After you have tested the product, you will have to give your feedback. Once this process is completed, you will be paid.

Another great thing is that most times you will be allowed to keep the product you have tested.

A List of Free Product Testing Panels

Below is given a list of companies that give out their products to be reviewed at home. Do not waste any time and sign
up before they stop accepting new panel members. Most of the companies in this list are survey panels, so you will get free products to test and also paid surveys.

Product Testing Network – You get paid via Gift Cards and PayPal – this is one of the best product testing panel that you can join. You will get to test various household electrical items like kettles, microwaves, toasters, coffeemakers and so on.

Toluna – You get paid via Gift Cards and Cash – Toluna pays really well, and they have great paying focus group. So, you will get to test many products, and some of their products are really pricey.

Become A Mystery Shopper – You get paid via Amazon Gift Cards, PayPal or by Cash – They pay a good amount. Some items that you will be asked to review includes beauty products, food and household items. You can be a part of the high paying focus groups, which gives you the chance to try products like mobile phones to test and review.

Valued Opinions – You get paid via Gift Cards – Beauty products are amongst things that you will get to try, and you can also join the high paying groups.

Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel – You get Free Merchandise – This one is amazing. You will be sent a handheld scanner using which you need to scan your household buys. The data you scan is automatically sent to Nielsen through its Scanner’s Base Unit, completely free of cost. For this effort you get rewarded by getting free products.

Pinecone Research – You get paid via PayPal, Gift Cards, Cash and more – Pinecone sends about 2 to 4 products each month for you to test. This, however, has an invite only panel. You may try your luck though.

i-Say – You get paid via PayPal, Gift Cards and Cash – It sends various household items to test. You also get the chance to join high paying focus groups.

iPoll – You get paid via Gift cards and PayPal – You will be sent different types of conditioners and shampoos from iPoll to test.

SurveySavvy – You get paid via cash – You will generally get beauty products like aftershave, makeup, perfume and deodorant to try. They pay quite well.

Global Test Market – You get paid via Cash – You will generally get household items to test, and they pay really well.

Opinion Outpost – You get paid via Gift Cards and PayPal – They offer great products to test, pays really well, and you can cash out whenever you wish to.

BuzzBack Panel – You get paid via Gift Cards or PayPal – You generally will get to try beauty products offered by BuzzBack.

Free Testers For Makeup and Perfume – You get paid via free beauty products – Though at times it is hard to qualify for these products, but if you do, you will get to try some amazing products from this amazing brand.

BzzAgent – You get paid via MyPoints Rewards – You can get to try many different products from this company. Even though they do not trade, but you get to try products.

Smiley360 – You get paid via free products – Though you do not get paid in cash, you get to try a list of products.

Johnson & Johnson Friends & Neighbors – You get paid via cash – if you have toddlers or babies at home, you can get to try their products. So, if you are a mother with young children, this is a perfect brand for you.