Best Product Testing Websites – Members Recommend

Product Testing can be a serious income if you devote yourself to free product testing. You will get a unique chance to test new products or samples, several months before they are released to the stores. Not only the companies are willing to send their products to you, but also they would want you to keep them.  Every serious company has already tested the products, so there is no risk of getting anyhow hurt if you use them. By testing new or improved products, you have a big influence in their further manufacturing (improvement of the taste, speed, fabric etc.).

Some companies will ask you to fill out surveys  based on your experience with their products. If you decide to do this and sign up to test products you might end with lots of free boxes of samples of cosmetic products, kitchen accessories, pet food, technology etc. Some websites will even pay you money to do this, while others will exchange your review for worthy vouchers for online stores.

When you are signing up, you will be asked to give them info about you. This way companies will have insight about your preferences, whether you are a man or a woman, how old you are etc.  Companies usually will give you a week to test and review their products, so make sure that you respect their deadlines.

Review Latest – This is one of the most popular online surveys, that also gives away free products to test. Here after you register, you will have to wait for an invitation (that’s how they work) which you may or may not get it.  They are very secretive and they advice their users not to talk about their terms and conditions, nor about the products they get to test. If you are lucky to get invited to, you will get paid to take surveys and if you test products, you will earn points that can be exchanged for products, cash or gift vouchers. The minimum amount of points lets you earn about $13. Payments are done via PayPal. Testers who get to post their reviews on forums will have strict monitoring from the website.

tolunaToluna – This is another website that is worthy of your time. This is an interactive community website that gives you the chance to earn points for testing products and taking polls and surveys. If you regularly check their site you will see new products everyday; and we talk about lots of products. Here everyone can find something interesting and based on their taste; there are tons of cosmetics products, gourmet foods, gadgets etc. Also, if you don’t feel like testing a product, you can just answer their polls. You will get tons of survey invitation to your mail, and it will be frequently, that’s why it would smart if you create an additional e-mail only for your product testing job. Once you have joined, you will earn your first 500 points. More points come as you are completing your profile. The lowest number of points for voucher exchange is 80,000 points. For this number of points you will get $20 gift voucher. If you are doing your work devotedly, you can get some really great vouchers from stores like Amazon, Love 2 Shop, HMV…. Users are gladly recommending this website, not solely for the vouchers, but also because they have monthly prize draw of of $6000 cash.

The website is also popular because users also get free products to test, and they are usually from excellent brands like L’Oreal, Spontex clothes or Bic razors.

iSay – Another website that actually pays high prices for online surveys, and gives their members test products for free. All you have to do is register and you are ready to start doing surveys. Occasionally you will get invited to take part in trials. Every month you will get a chance to earn points (that are exchangeable for Amazon vouchers) for posting your free products reviews on forums. As you are taking surveys on the free products you tested you get to earn between 5 and 250 points for each. For an Amazon voucher of $13, you will need 1,380 points.

Tesco Orchard – Here you will mainly get free food. Many of their members got to eat ice cream, chocolate, fish, puddings and much more. Expect to get coupons to get your food from a store (some foods can’t be send in your mail box, of course). Tesco Orchard expect you to post about the product you tested on your Facebook and Twitter, but also talk about it to your real life friend. You are expected to share your views and this is the only way to get more freebies. They have free Clubcard (collect points through the club). Tell Tesco Orchard several details about your lifestyle, and wait to get selected.

New Vista – This way you can earn points for taking surveys; the points can be exchanged for cash. Members get to earn about a $1 for every 5 minutes spent on taking surveys. For that amount of money you will need 100 points. If you decided to get cash for your points, you will need the minimum of 5000 points ($66.00). Once you decided to withdraw your money, it will be done automatically by cheques.  If you think that this is a lot of points that need to be done for a minimum redemption amount, don’t worry – taking surveys is a quick work and usually adds up a lot of points, so you will get them in no time. New Vista has quite strict panel though, so if your surveys answers don’t match your profile answers, or if you did them without thinking, you risk the chance to be refused to get the payment.

interactive-harris-jpgHarris Interactive – They work as a paid survey site, but every now and then they offer opportunities to test products and do other types of projects. You may be asked to go shopping, and if the things you want to get are out of stock, you will need to inform the Media Transfer. These types of jobs can last for a month (more or less), but don’t worry, you will get enough points that will cover an entire Amazon voucher.  Before you get a to these types of work, you will need to fill out a survey; if you match the criteria you will be offered to test a product. Members get to test health and cleaning products, but also makeup and cosmetics. For 100 points you can get an Amazon voucher of $20.

Zoom Panel Take – For taking surveys and testing products you can earn points and get entered into cash sweepstakes. Once you join Zoom Panel Take you already have free 50 points. Make sure you are active and increase the number of points, because they will expire after 18 months from the date you won them. For every survey you have taken, you will earn entries for the annual prize draw and the minimum amount is 1000 points.  It’s up to you how you will exchange the points – you can get any prize from the online folios. Older members will recommended you to exchange your points for PayPal & Amazon vouchers.

In-Home Product Testing – This is an organization that tests consumer products such as the ones you can find in retail outlets or electronic and grocery stores, drug store etc. If you participate in their panels, you will help into direct improvements to the products and help manufacturers to produce new and better products. You get the products for free, and you will be asked to answer questions and fill some surveys.

PINCHme – This website sends boxes full with free samples of super popular brands and they do that every month. One thing that is a bit tricky here is that once the samples are available, members “fight” to get them, so you have to act really fast if you want them to be sent to your address. Expect to receive a box full of free samples from popular brands every single month.  First you will need to sign up (you can do it via your Facebook account, or simply with your e-mail address). Then, once your account is created, PINCHme will ask you to fill out a shopper survey. This way they will find out more about your preferences, tastes and shopping habits. It is really important to be honest, unless you want to end up testing products you don’t really need or care about. Once you have done this step, visit PINCHme site on Sample Tuesday (once every month) and check the ticker to see when the samples are available. Work super fast to claim the ones you want, then wait for them to arrive. You will not have to pay anything about them.

Expo TV – This is another serious and excellent site that is ideal for people who want to get things for free. It was established twelve years ago (2004) and collaborates with big brands that want to get their products tested. Expect to get products from Clairol, Cover Girl, Duracell, Bounty… This is a bit more demanding product testing, so if you are up to do it (if you get selected, of course), you will need to video yourself testing the product or webcam the testing process.  You can earn points after you become a member. The points can be exchanged for gift cards (among all there are Visa gift cards). An honest feedback is the key to earning big points. Also, respond to the site’s topics and answers their surveys.  ExpoTV’s list always has products that need reviews, so take every chance. For the regular members and the ones that want to be part of the giveaways, ExpoTV has some excellent gifts such as Amazon gift cards (you will need to refer friends to get these cards).

she-speaksShe Speaks –  Signing up for this website is super easy and also they don’t ask for any payments. All you need to do is fill out some basic information, such as demographic questions, and you are ready to get your first product. Don’t expect that you will constantly get invitations for testing products. But, stay on the site, because there are companies that are constantly looking for product testers, so you never know when your next chance will be. This website will not send you any payments, only free products (which is also a great thing). You can get to test food (usually they will send you coupons for that), so you can get the food from your local supermarket for free. Once you taste the food, you will need to take a survey and share your experience. You can even be rewarded with another product as a thank you for doing the test well.

Naturally Savvy – This website isn’t always open for registrations. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t apply. Naturally Savvy will send you natural and organic products that you can test at home. If you become a Savvy sampler, you will take part in the improving process of natural and healthy products.  Test the products, leave a feedback and expect more. Testers must be US citizens, at least 19 years old, non-related to any of the companies that are testing their products and they have to agree to receive their weekly newsletter. There are no complicated steps here; testing the products and taking surveys is pretty much all. This is an excellent place for people who love organic and natural products. – this is a site that is focused on home schooled children only. They get to receive free products, and share their opinion on them. Once the student tests the product, he or she has to write an essay about it. The products they get come from educational companies. Once you are signed in you can get an e-mail where you are informed that a company has contacted them and wants a certain product of theirs to be tested. You will be informed about the product (grade, age),  so, you will be linked to contact the company and from there you, as a tester, continue the work on your own. Once you tested the received product, you need to leave feedback for the company. Both parents and home schooled children love this product testing.